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Oyasumi Tutu Balerina Aikatsu

This time, I want to put somethings about Aikatsu. Today I finished the third season of Aikatsu and I have to say that is (much) better than the second season of the anime. This time, we have nice characters like Kurebayashi Yuri the idol from Andalucia. Her songs, her dresses are simply perfect.

Akari was the protagonist this time and was a refresh of all the series, Ichigo is a good Character, but 2 seasons in a raw is too much. Continue with Akari, we see her grown, meeting new characters and improving her Aikatsu.

Now, The final episode 152. Luminas (and Not her...)

Is the trio of idol that has Akari with her both friends of her: Hinaki and Sumire. The gruop go nationwide to promoting the group and the idol activities. And is... what will happen from here in the 4th season??? By the way, I like the performance with Vanilla Chilli Pepper.

What do I want for season 4?

Maybe the 2 new protagonist not as idols, insted a pair of fans that get involved with Luminas and help in their concert. Aikatsu world is really huge, they can do as much as they can, including a lot of episodes with fans (not 2 or 3), helping other idols, and not avoiding the theme of loosing and not gaining what their want.

Maybe I can weite a fanfic about this...
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