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Opinon: Maho girls pretty cure. First 23 episodes.

Well. Afere a really hard time trying to watch Maho girls, I finally complted the first 23 episodes of this series from the big franchise of pretty cure. Even when I watched doko doki precure I didn't have a hard time watching it. I watched every week an episode. With Maho girls it didn't happen. Why? Let me explain:

The story has witches in a magic world as a main theme. Mirai meets Riko, a witch that is searching of a Linkie stone, an emerald. Both of the girls go to the Magic World in a way similar to Harry Potter. In this part, the anime has a lot of potencial. Creating a world of magic anyone can think the posibilities anout it. How they live? The rules, they every life with magic... and a School and a street similar to Howarts and Diagon Alley. And no. Its not me that has this comparison. Delete all names of J.K Rowling books and put Precure, colours and useless mascots and cha taaan, we have a new season of precure.

The series make a mistake sending Riko and Mirai to the Non Magic World (So original...). This can be an excuse to not to develop the magic World. I mean, creating a new world can be full of options, creating a how to in everything (rules, life, magic creatures) but the series didn't develop this world because it is more impotant to make the characters finding linki stones. Taking about the stones why are there? why the enemy want them? I don't know, we don't know at least in the first 20 episodes they dom't explain in full the mission of this.

Other thing that this season lack is in character development. I mean, Mirai doesn't have any objective to purchase. Comparing, Nozomi from Yes pretty cure 5, doesn't have a dream and in both seasons she appear is searching what she want to do in the future. Haruka (Go! princess precure) wants to be a princess and try everything (ballet, tea lessons, etc) to be a perfect princess, this thanks to Miss Shamour. Mirai doesn't have this kind of development. She become a witch only because she discovers Riko.

Talking about Riko her development is more consistent, She wants to be a powerful witch. She sees herself in a lower level thanks to her older sister, Liz. In this part, Mirai is a good character because thanks of her Riko can learn some lesson that she can't learn ins school and books.

I can also talk about the mascot development. Haa chan is a cute fairy, more than Ai Chan (Doki doki pretty cure). Is this a useless character? in part. Haa Chan makes problems that both Pretty cure have to solve. As always, the enemy look the mysterious power that has this fairy and target her. In the end, she transforms in an human and a new Pretty cure, Feliche. Her development han be better.

By this time, I am not motivated to continuing this season. Its boring and lack in too much things in my opinion. A good thing is that in the end of episode 22 the final boss was defeated. Im a bit courious about what will happen by now thought the end.
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