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About my favourite songs.

Well, This time I want to share about some of my favourite anime songs. I hope you enjoy them and take some time to hear them. I recomend them while you are reading a book or a manga or while writting an essay. Yes, that final eesay of the semester.

Kaze no machi e. Junction Fiction

The song of my own memories. When the manga of Tsubasa chroncile was currelty publishing on Japan. I made a several friends thanks to this title.

Akatsuki. Akiko Shirata.

I watched Akatsuki no Yona and personally I loved tje second ending of this anime. I have no interest of the anime, but while I watched more episodes, I really like the story of Yona. Hoping of a second season.

Kira pata shining. Eri, from Star Anis idol Group.

I like the anime of Aikatsu and of the 4 members of dream Academy Sora is my favourte one. I like ther just becasuse she is an idol that desisgn her own dresses.

Arabian Romance.

Also from Aikatsu, and one of the best song of all Aikatsu. A duet of Eri and Waka from Star Anis:

Uhho Uhhoho AKB48.

I really don't like too much AKB, but some of their songs area really enjoyable.This time, I bring you a concert they did in Tokyo Dome. Fun and enjoyable.

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